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Pauler Building
Location: district 1,
Pauler utca
Price: €1,800,000
Bedrooms: 12
Size: 645 sqm
Ref no.: 6426
Apartment description

The owner has obtained a building permit to construct a condominium of 13 apartments on Basement + Ground floor + 2 floors + Attic area, based on the regulations under L1-V1-Z zoning. Plot size: 645 sqm Building type: closed in line with the existing buildings Planned parking spaces: 12 Planned total sqm: 1858 m2 Planned green cover: 16,39% - 105,69 m2 Currently there is an office building on the plot, with basement + 2 floors (basement: 147 sqm, Ground floor: 152,6 sqm, 1st floor: 209 sqm) which has been completely renovated in 2012. The plan is to construct residential units on 4 floors. The building will have an inner courtyard, the floor plans are flexible, the building fits well to its surroundings. The plans are made to meet the needs of the district, the average size is 83 sqm, minimum 2 bedrooms. The total number of apartments is 13, with duplex units on the ground and top floor of the newly constructed part. On the top floor of the old part there is a large apartment with direct entry from the elevator. The façade is under monument protection. Besides the existing façade all the apartments have balcony, the ground floor units have garden connections together with their terraces.

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